Bonnetsfiesta foam Caps comics and series for your wedding, new year's eve, birthday, bachelor party, bachelorette party or your special event.

They are large, colorful and original

susanita guille
Susanita Guille
mafalda manolito
Mafalda Manolito
hulk epi
Hulk Epi
blas smurf
Blas Smurf
dad smurf trancas y barrancas
Dad smurf Trancas and Barrancas
brian peter griffin
Brian Peter Griffin
quagmire homer and bart
Mr. Quagmire Homer and Bart
homert and bart boss wiggum
Homer and Bart Christmas Boss Wiggum
burns maggie simpson
Mr. Burns Maggie Simpson
kitty tintin y milu
Kitty Tintin and Milu
peter flintstones paul marble
Peter Flintstones Paul Marble
olivia popeye
Olivia Popeye
pinocho snow white
Pinocho Snow white
dwarfs frankestein
Dwarfs Frankestein
Dracula tres cerditos
Dracula Three little pigs
wolf pigs and wolf
Wolf Pigs and wolf
spiderman batman
Spiderman Batman
star wars captain america
Star wars Captain America
superman thor
Superman Thor
wolverine iron man
Wolverine Iron man
mortadelo and filemon zipi and zape
Mortadelo and Filemon Zipi and Zape
benji oliver
Benji Oliver
pink panther piolin
Pink panther Piolin
silvestre angry birds
Silvestre Angry birds
mickey chavo
Mickey Chavo
polar bear picachu
Polar bear Picachu
simba elephant
Simba Elephant
bugs bunny duck donald
Bugs Bunny Duck Donald