The Bonnetsfiesta foam rubber costumes are made of various sizes and different characters.

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fish fish
Fish 1 Fish 2
fish fish
Fish 3 Fish 4
carnivorous plant carnivorous plant
Carnivorous plant Carnivorous plant 1
carnivorous plant ursula custome
Carnivorous plant 2 Ursula custome
front costumes
Disfraces frontales
cruella de vil custom of rumbera
Cruella de Vil Custom of rumbera
costume 17th century man costume 17th century woman
Costume 17th century man Costume 17th century woman
rio et
Blue of the movie Rio ET
clock beauty and the beast cup beauty and the beast
Clock Beauty and the Beast Cup Beauty and the Beast
Candelabrum Beauty and the Beast
snow white snow white
Dwarf of Snow white Dwarf of Snow white 1
snow white snow white
Dwarf of Snow white 2 Dwarf of Snow white 3
snow white chickpea
Dwarf of Snow white 4 Chickpea
Mickey minnie
Mickey Minnie
Patricio sponge bob
Patricio Sponge Bob