Bonnetsfiesta reports:

Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors.

Bonnetsfiesta Google Analytics uses cookies home to keep track of user interactions on the website. These party cookies are used to store data, for example, visiting hours, if the user has previously visited the site ... they are also very useful to improve the user experience in the use of the website. Browsers do not share first-party cookies from the same domain.

Using IP: All computers and Internet-connected devices are assigned a unique number known as the "Internet protocol address" or "IP Address". IP addresses are often used to identify the country, state and city from which the computer is connected to the Internet. Google Analytics records the IP address of users who visit the site to its owner knows which parts of the world are visiting the site. This method is called "geo-IP".

GOOGLE ANALYTICS does not provide information about the actual IP address.

To uninstall in their browser cookies, referred to in the previous sections, you can contact:

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